• Central appointment scheduling and planning
  • Institution wide patient record
  • Data protection and backups
  • Data exchange with connected healthcare providers
  • Integration of AI algorithms
  • Controlling and Benchmarking

connyV – Perfect Interoperability with only one single interface – let’s connect, virtually and seamlessly.

Interfaces conforming to HL7®, DICOM, FHIR and Co. are under the hood of connyV – a virtual machine that enables your device to communicate with the HIS via the device network.

With connyV multiple devices can share their data centrally with systems in the hospital without having to integrate a complex standard interface into your device software.

This is particularly valuable for manufactures who have several systems (even of different types) in use at the hospital or who want to avoid the re-registration according to the MDR of their device.

A single interface that integrates into ANY IT!
ConnyV makes it work!

Let’s connect, virtually and seamlessly

Technical Requirements

With connyV, we can integrate any medical device that is principally capable of transmitting the patient’s data to the outside world. Another condition is the identification the patient. This can be done in multiple ways and depends on the type of device as well as the process of treating the patient.

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