Automate processes with robotic process automation

Automate processes with robotic process automation

What is robotic process automation?

With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), software robots are used to automate manual, routine, and recurring (input) tasks. The resulting increase in productivity and quality generates significant savings potential in work processes. Processing times are reduced or work can be done in parallel if desired.

Employees are relieved of these simpler tasks and so can (re-)focus their attention and time on core jobs. Key figures generated in a graphical format ensure the tasks completed are transparent. Software robots can be integrated into existing systems easily using a “no or low code” approach and are available at all times.

Kofax RPA features at a glance

Interaction with all sources

Data collection and processing

Business process automation

Data transfer without developing new interfaces

Manual error reduction

In use 24/7

Kofax RPA – robotic process automation

Information that is quickly available for use and processing is central to any successful organization. The challenge, however, is that this information is usually scattered all over. Kofax RPA enables the user to create intelligent and powerful software robots within a short period of time; the robots automate tasks that would otherwise have to be completed by employees. This allows companies to quickly collect large amounts of data, whether structured or unstructured, from external sources and therefore to automate front- and back-office processes. The robots support all commonly used platforms – such as mainframe, Windows, Java, and the internet – in a variety of interfaces, including thin clients, thick clients, web browsers, and terminals.

Kofax RPA – robotic process automation

What we have achieved for our customers

Automated query portals

Service portals for customers and suppliers Automation of data transfers, updates, checks Retrieving incoming invoices Generating outgoing invoices Transfer to ERP


Browsing corporate sources for data
Collecting personal data
Deleting data in a timely manner

Standing data

Updating customers' standing data
Inquiries with the commercial register and other portals

Generate added value for your customers and employees

Increase productivity, efficiency, and compliance so your employees can focus on higher-value tasks by automating routine and repetitive jobs. As part of Kofax’s industry-leading intelligent automation platform, robotic process automation (RPA) with Kofax enables end-to-end automation.


Download detailed information – this white paper contains five case studies to inspire your RPA strategy.

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