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Document management for digital quality management

In many industries, certified quality management (QM) is a basic requirement to access the market. Certification guarantees verifiable quality in various company processes, which builds additional trust in a business relationship. Regulatory requirements for QM in industries such as automotive engineering, healthcare, food production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and aerospace pose a number of challenges for providers.

Before quality management can be successfully audited, the required structures and processes must be integrated into the daily workflow of companies. This involves a huge documentation workload, requiring compliance with particular rules regarding the creation, handling, and archiving of documents. To reduce this workload and free up time for core business beyond quality management, we can offer help in the form of softgate-archiv, our document management system.

How a digital DMS can support quality management

Electronic QM manual

The QM manual is the basis for certified quality management. The DMS offers the necessary structures to retain an overview of all relevant documents. This helps users when it comes to keeping QM up to date. The DMS is independent of the specific standards and can be used for almost any application.

Document workflow

A transparent workflow simplifies document control, which applies to all QM documents. That means that every processing step (creation, editing, review, release) must be documented transparently in order to meet audit requirements. The workflow also boosts teamwork and prevents outstanding tasks from being overlooked.

Quick full-text search

Depending on the configuration, the structures of a quality management system can reach overwhelming proportions for stakeholders on the fringes. Plus, terminology does not always indicate the content of a document. To find the required information quickly despite this, the DMS provides a fast full-text search, which can be used to find search terms in all documents.

Central data storage

Tamper-proofing is facilitated by central data storage. The large number of documents in the quality management system often come from different sources and also have different formats. Central data storage in a DMS ensures that all documents are archived in a tamper-proof manner.

The benefits of digital document management for quality management

Simple, end-to-end documentation

Paperless quality management

The latest document versions at a glance

Tamper-proof archiving

Access to documents by authorized users only

Web application makes worldwide use possible without requiring software installation

Features of document management with softgate-archiv

  • Access requests displayed
  • Different versions are documented
  • Strong rights management for secure QM
  • Lifecycle management: Automated mapping of retention and/or deletion requirements
  • Process support for tamper-proof archiving
  • Storage management for IT administration: All storage media and their data at a glance
  • Windows account login: Use of an existing Active Directory structure
  • softgate-archiv grows with your requirements, in terms of both functions (link to all modules) and quantity
  • Advanced interface architecture makes it easier to connect softgate-archiv to the system landscape
  • Event documentation at the touch of a button
  • Boosts collaboration
  • Web-based DMS: No installation on the client side, safe to use via a web browser

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