Increased productivity
Employee satisfaction
Short- or medium-term ROI

What it’s all about

In addition to the current challenges sparked by the coronavirus crisis in 2020 and its aftermath, the logistics sector is grappling with low prices and small margins. In addition, there is fierce competition for lucrative contracts in the sector. To survive under these difficult conditions, efficiency and good customer service are more important than ever. This goal can be achieved quickly by automating certain tasks: With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), various repetitive, manual activities can be automated, and different ideas about the degree of automation can be accommodated individually.

How we can help you

The software robots, or bots for short, are effective and scalable and can be scheduled too, achieving a fast return on investment (ROI). Because of this, RPA is also of interest to companies where the majority of financial resources are tied. RPA is easy to implement in various system landscapes, and converting processes quickly leads to measurable success.

Your benefits

Increase in productivity

bots work quickly 24/7

Fewer errors

redundant, manual activities are often prone to errors, but bots always adhere to the same pattern and never get tired of doing so.

More time for strategic tasks

employee satisfaction increases and motivation is likely to improve.

Centralized and decentralized capture

for integrating branch offices

Routine tasks in the logistics sector that can be automated with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Supply chain planning and tracking
  • Capturing, researching, and closing out loads
  • Issuing invoices and claiming amounts due

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