Efficient information management

softgate-archiv, our proprietary document management system, guarantees secure storage of your information for decades and offers powerful security and rights concepts with optimal modularity and scalability.

Stored information can be accessed easily, around the clock, worldwide, and in seconds from any internet-enabled workplace.

In addition to its components and benefits, softgate-archiv offers you a range of useful features to simplify document handling in everyday life:

Advantages of softgate-archiv

  • Web-only application
  • Powerful security and rights concept
  • Easily extendible due to modular design
  • Open standards and interfaces
  • Tamper-proof archiving
  • Support directly from the manufacturer
  • Compatible with all commonly used scanning and storage hardware
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Functionalities and features of softgate-archiv

Basic version

softgate-archiv is a document management system developed in-house offering you a wide range of options for making your office organization more efficient and for automating processes. It makes the entire information management system faster and more efficient – from the capture of information to research, to the provision of the required documents.

Thanks to a sophisticated technical design, softgate-archiv is quick and easy to use. Functions such as reminder options, the use of memos, and a wide range of search options are available on the start screen (dashboard) of the smart client. The user interface content can be customized as needed.

In addition, the control interface and display of the smart client are tailored for use on tablets and smartphones. All you need is a standard browser – no app installation is required. The smart client offers a wide range of functions for searches, reminders, and document management.

The integrated web services provide an easy way to connect softgate-archiv to existing web applications and third-party applications. As a result, document searches, archiving, and document management in softgate-archiv can easily be controlled externally. Any third-party application can be connected conveniently and quickly, significantly reducing the development time for connections.

Web-only application

No fat client installation required; browser- and platform-independent; central administration entirely via web

Transparency and structure

Maintain an overview of millions of documents thanks to structured filing and make all information available transparently

Modular structure

Demand-based extension through a wide range of modules and interfaces

Central archive

All documents and information from every source are centrally administered and stored in an archive with a consistent database

Support directly from the manufacturer

If there’s a problem, we’ll help you right away


Seamless integration into any systems, such as the Kofax world and IKAROS from Ferber Software, via web services

Automatic versioning and powerful rights management

Logs all access to documents and facilitates change tracking. Access is regulated by rights management.

High-performance, versatile search functions

Even with a high volume of documents, various search functions with customizable options give you results in seconds.


Save your individual searches and access to folders and baskets on the homepage in clearly arranged tiles for quick access every day.

Smart client for mobile

Easily retrieve documents even when on the move

Web services

RESTful web services for quick, easy integration into any other system

Format-independent filing

Text, sound, image, etc.

The comprehensive basic version can be extended with a wide range of modules and interfaces.

Want an online demo or trial version?

The introduction of a document management system is an important decision for your company. The ability to try out or get a detailed presentation of each solution can help you better assess which option is best for your business.

Get a free trial version or arrange a free online demo and see softgate-archiv for yourself. Get in touch with us – we’ll be happy to help!

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